Thursday, May 26, 2005

Biz Headlines

Next call for Net phoning: Regulation

As phone calling over the Internet takes off around the world and as the services become richer and more complex, regulators are beginning to give it a harder look.
Nokia loses some grip in mobile phone market

Nokia, the world's biggest mobile phone maker, lost market share for the first quarter in four to Motorola and Samsung Electronics.
Climbing quickly at Microsoft

Eric Rudder, a senior vice president, has demonstrated that he can match wits and arguments with two of the most formidable intellects in corporate America.
Google sees ad opening in custom home pages

The service gives Google another potential entry point in the battle to deliver ads tailored to a user's stated or implied tastes.
More gadgets, more lost, more found

It turns out that people are losing more and more things because they are lugging so many additional gadgets and communications devices, and promptly misplacing them in airplanes and airports, hotel rooms, restaurants, cabs and rented cars.
E-bay drop-off stores balking at regulation
Internet firms build empires across Japan
Yahoo allows shopping site to be itself
Cellphone industry starts shifting gears
EU urges digital TV conversion by all states
Publishers protest Google plan to scan books
Microsoft steps up battle with Google over searches

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